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How can I acquire the final elemental magic upgrade?

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  • How can I acquire the final elemental magic upgrade?

    I have the game completed to 124%. All I'm missing is the shadow form upgrade (presumably); I have all other elemental magics and upgrades, and I have my heart and magic meter maxed out. I know exactly where the room is, as it's the only room in the game that has undiscovered magic (according to my senses) and hasn't been explored.

    I've been up and down every adjacent room to this square containing the magical upgrade. But I can't for the life of me find any path to that room. It's as if it's completely walled off on all sides.

    Can I get a hint? The room I'm talking about is to the right of the Library room.

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    I'm playing on Hard Mode. I just noticed that the icon for the final elemental magic and the Nightmare difficulty setting are similar. Do I need to replay on Nightmare to be able to enter this room?