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A little idea worth describing in a game form

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  • A little idea worth describing in a game form

    Recently, I was posted to Kuwait base. Special features about Kuwait is it is drastically surrounded by 4 different type of atmospheres. You can't compare it with a normal desert or shore place.

    On Western side, there are mountains.
    On South, there is huge dunes of sands.
    On North, there are plain road and transportation
    On East, there is a sea.

    When the wind blows from east side, you will get the fresh air & it will bounce back from the mountains of north.
    If the wind blows from the South, you will trumpeted with dust in your eyes. Situation will be worse if it is night & you can watch anything clearly.
    Last but not the least, the heat, which will made you mad. You will suppose, beach is the best option to cool down the temperature, but it is not a solution. We dig down 10 meters and rest there. I have served in South Korea, Afghanistan, UAE, Qatar. But I haven't seen difficulties like base in my entire life.

    I am thinking about a design that will feature all the real life situation, same as described above, convert into a design and make a small army fighting game.

    Any suggestions will be accepted.

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    Really interesting environment. Thanks for sharing!