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DG2 Freemaps is now Online

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  • DG2 Freemaps is now Online

    am VERY proud and happy to announce that, with the knowledge and blessings of "Hidden Path", the new DG2-FreeMaps website has gone live!

    The URL for this community driven website is

    We hereby invite you all to visit the site, download and try out some great custom maps made by Inventive fans of Defense Grid 2 and share your own custom creation with the DG2 community! This site is a great place to share your custom maps, vote on maps, get valuable feedback from the community on playability, ideas, features, bugs and other useful tidbits.

    For maps on the "Workshop Consideration" your feedback will be key to helping the maps creator submit a awesome map for sale consideration on "Hidden Paths" store.
    This Site will continue to grow with both help from you and other authors of custom maps so if you find a map you love ? Say so in the maps comment section and help every map creator become a DG2 Architect Expert!

    If you like the site or have feedback say so in the footer of the site.

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    Very nice. I'll have to have a look. It's definitely one of the features I've been really looking forward to for DG2.


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      Thank You Miendiem - I saw you went to the Site - Good Input mate - Cheers


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        My pleasure. I'll try to get to all of the maps currently available in the near future.


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          I've played every map that folks have put up so far. Some good, a couple great, some could use improvement. That said, the fact that the community has already doubled the available maps for DG2 is AWESOME.

          Suggestions for HPE:

          1) Sticky this thread so that folks can find it, and promote it socially. The more people we can bring in on this, the better DG2 is going to thrive.

          2) Give map-makers more control. Being able to craft custom alien scrips would be a great start. Being able to customize individual aliens by wave would be even better. (Remember those decoys from one of the DG1 DLC that moved at racer/rumbler speeds? Weird outliers like that make for good surprises without having to create whole new aliens.)

          3) Not necessarily DGA-related, but fix wave 10 on Incursion. Those racers are still brokenly overpowered.


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            Pinning now


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              i though about making something like this, butr then i would have put a lot of adds on it and get rich in my sleep MUhahaha


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                Originally posted by Quandora View Post
                i though about making something like this, butr then i would have put a lot of adds on it and get rich in my sleep MUhahaha
                Too Late We are FREE


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                  You might want to conside adding a sectiom for people to upload/download brushes. (Prebuilt sections of a map or scenery. Ie a city block, or spawn tunnel etc.)

                  You might also want to include a link to the Contributor Legal Agreement in the Workshop section.


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                    We have made lots of improvements since we launched and we just opened up a new trial section for "the weekly challenge" run by the community. We hope the community enjoys this slightly more streamlined process instead of having to troll through one post trying to fine each posted challenge. Please let us know what you, the community, think about this update and any other features you would like to see implemented.

                    Happy core defending commanders


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                      Still here guys ) come get some free maps for Defense Grid 2 , b4 they double in price lol )