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Defense Grid won't launch... but I didn't buy You Monster

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  • Defense Grid won't launch... but I didn't buy You Monster

    First off, I wanted to say thanks for making such a great tower defense. And although a story is not typical of a tower defense game, you guys included one anyways. And I enjoyed it.

    I've read some of the other messages here, but they all seem related to purchasing the You Monster DLC. I have purchased 4 of the map packs, but not You Monster. In fact, I haven't played the game for 8 months or so. So I haven't installed the latest title update either. When I go to launch the game while connected to Xbox Live, it stops at the "you need to download this title update" thing. However, the message only displays for maybe 8 seconds before I am dumped back to the dashboard. So I unplugged my console from the network and tried it again. The game tries to start, but gives an Xbox error "Game data files are corrupt. Please reinstall."

    I thought this odd. Perhaps this info will help with the troubleshooting that is going on.

    I deleted the primary game file and am re-downloading that now. I will let you know if that helps.

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    Sadly it isn't odd. While many speculate that it was the You Monster update that causes the problem, it turns out that this was just coincidence in timing as the You Monster update came out around the same time as the dash update and all evidence suggests that we would be facing this problem with the new dash regardless of the You Monster update. Please do let us know if you'd like a free code for the PC version of the game. We aren't seeing any issues with the game on Steam.



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      So how did my game get "corrupted" when I didn't have the latest title update installed? The old version of Netflix (pre-kinect) did something similar. I used a workaround to launch the old Netflix after the Kinect release and it worked fine until it was magically "corrupted" and I was forced to use the newer, clumsier interface. Did you guys upset someone at Microsoft?

      Anyways, removing just the game file (not the map packs or save data) and reinstalling it has me able to launch the game again. However, when I was prompted for the title update I let it sit for ~20 seconds and it booted me back to the dashboard like it was doing before. So I launched the game again and immediately hit the "download update." The title update downloaded and installed successfully. At first glance, things look like they are working now.

      I appreciate the free steam offer. I will try things out first. If I find things unsatisfactory I will let you know.


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        We believe that the addition of the new achievements for You Monster when submitted to Microsoft caused the data on the achievement back-end to be corrupted in some way. Microsoft says this isn't possible, but what they do say is most likely - that users need to reset their profiles (thereby losing all save game data for all games) - doesn't appear to be correct or fix the problem either. We can't adjust the back-end database for achievements. Also, the new dash update appears to have drastically changed the sign-in times and the load times for the game, and when combining all three of these things, strange new behaviors are seen that can't be duplicated in their test environment. We went through our internal testing, external testing with a company we hired, Microsoft Game Studios internal testing, Microsoft Game Studios external testing with a company they hired, and certification, and none of this behavior was seen before or after it started happening to people in the actual LIVE service. We believe it to be something service related rather than related to the game we submitted, but there isn't much more we can do. I really do wish there was. I would much rather have everyone's game just work. Ironically, if you are a first-time purchaser of Defense Grid after the dash update, you don't see any of the achievement problems. This appears only to affect some and not all, of the people who owned the game before.



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          Very interesting. Thanks for the quick response.

          What you say makes sense. It also could explain why the title update seems mandatory for me to launch the game. I wish I could help.


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            Hi xboxliveuser,

            I know that the general belief is that the You Monster update caused the issues, but I don't actually think it's the cause at all. Yes, for me it got worse after getting You Monster, but I have concluded that this is by coincidence. When I first bought DG on the xbox, I never had an issue. I then got the map packs. Around about the same time, there was a major xbox live update. I started to get small glitches with achievements not being awarded...

            Then we had the next major xGB complete dashboard update. DG got worse. It started hanging more, and I was getting storage/xbox live errors more and more.

            I hadn't played my xbox for many months and as I'd completed DG, I'd been playing other games for about 6 months when I happened to find the You Monster DLC. Shrieking with joy I scurried off to find my xbox live points I bought in February and downloaded You Monster. The game failed to load initially and then started crashing. However, the day before I'd just had to download 2 xbox dashboard updates. (SO much fun waiting for that on a 1M line!)

            So... after buying a new xbox (I thought my hard disk was on the way out), I've concluded that maybe it's the dashboard updates that broke poor little DG. No one seemed to have an issue in the early days (when the dashboard was usable for those without a kinect and didn't force adverts for everything under the sun down your throat {moan} {whinge}).



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              after 10 million hangups and black load screen , I discovered the workaround.

              Sign off Live -> open the game (will be trial) , the game will open this time without a problem -> then sign in.

              Hope it helps.