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What do you like about Defense Grid?

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  • What do you like about Defense Grid?

    We're spending a lot of time right now trying to explain and describe Defense Grid to people who haven't played it.

    How would you describe the game to people and what do you think the best parts are?

    -Michael aka Echo

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    It's the thrill of real-time strategy games, but without the frantic twitch-based gameplay. It's relaxing.

    It also provides more of a cerebral challenge than any other real-time strategy game. There's incredible pleasure in coming up with a sophisticated maze, and watching a vast horde of enemies get minced. As an addendum to that, there is vast replay value on most maps trying out new designs and tower combinations.

    Furthermore, once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to micro-management focused games like StarCraft 2. Defense Grid is more civilised, you get to be a general rather than a captain.


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      The priorities for the serious and casual gamer are different, but as a semi-serious gamer this is what I love about defense grid.

      It is very balanced and all the towers are well thought out and all have a use. Unlike other games there isn't a no-brainer about whether to upgrade a tower or not since upgraded towers are exactly the same DPS/cost-wise.

      It's the subtleties that differentiate the fun games from the great and change it from a game you just blow through once to one that you replay over and over again.

      It's fun to plan out a strategy and then watch it unfold on the beautiful graphics while trying to make a high score on the leaderboards.


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        What I've said to people who've never played it is it's like a sci-fi Plants vs Zombies (because everyone and his mom has played that). I also compare it to the old Mousetrap board game.

        I've also said it's akin to Portal because each level is like a puzzle and you feel smart when you beat it, plus you're entertained by a charming AI voice throughout.

        I like that it's customizable with a lot of options to suit different play styles, and I find there's tons of replay value. I can jump in and play one level, and it feels like I've accomplished something.


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          Thanks for the nice post...