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Any chance of a DG remaster and maybe some new DLC?

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  • Any chance of a DG remaster and maybe some new DLC?

    I know this may trouble some people, but is there maybe any chance of a DG remastered version (dont change anything gameplay wise), (and not that it really needs much in the way of graphics improvement, IMHO), but with maybe a few new levels thrown in for old times sake?

    OK, I'll admit it, what I would *really* like would be more DLC. I hope I'm not flogging a dead horse. Speaking as a person who has about 5 DG keys, all the DLC and kickstarted the DG2 game, I would definitely be saying, "shut up and take my money!" if any DLC were to re-emerge.


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    I think DLC might be interesting. I know quite a few of the hard core players go back to DG1 on a regular basis, and would probably buy it. I certainly would.


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      Yes, that would be me! DG is my go to game for 20-30 mins relaxation after work or whatever.
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        If they were to remaster DG, then I guess I would want to see them remaster both 1 and 2, making one base platform that they could add additional official campaigns to in the future.

        Would also like to see:
        1)Shifting over to one of the commercial graphics engines, which should hopefully sort out some of the remaining graphics issues.
        2)Adjust the game internals to allow the maps to use either genuine DG1 scoring or DG2 scoring as appropriate. Preferably both on the same map.
        3)Fix the custom map/Steam workshop so that players can upload/download maps directly, for both DG1 & DG2.
        (Improve the dg2 architect as well to handle both and better tools to save map makers time.)
        4)Improve the protection on the leaderboards to make it harder to hack them.
        5)Validation for the games user profile, plus an option to reset it. (A number of errors seem to be linked to this.)


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          Well, that's quite an ask list! And not that those things aren't notable or worthwhile. I would still be happy with DLC, though.


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            Agreed, I suspect DLC is more likely, but you did mention a Remaster, so I thought "why not?"


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              Well, if we are going to think re-master we should go for broke with the request list. Even if only some things make the list, it's better than nothing!


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                So, Jeff, care to drop in any comment on this one? I know you guys are busy with new projects, But maybe a small DLC could be a funds injection for you (?). (Please, Please)


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                  Hi Everyone, sorry for not seeing this over the last week. Email notifications to me don't seem to be happening for some reason and I just got lucky and stumbled onto this.

                  Wow, heads are down and people are focused right now as we have 3 Virtual Reality games about to ship in the next 4-8 weeks (I don't think any have been announced either), and then of course the Brass Tactics team is working at top speed for an October launch on that Oculus Rift VR title.

                  These days, we've had a ton of people approach us about VR titles and then finance development of those titles, so we're taking advantage of those opportunities. We're working on Rift, GearVR, and Daydream right now, and there is talk about Vive, PSVR, and also non-VR games. We're currently in talks on what comes next (which is crazy when you're also getting ready to ship several games).

                  The idea of a DG remaster is one of hundreds of ideas being discussed, so you can be happy that it is on the table, but it also has a very low chance of being the thing that someone will finance, so you can be concerned about that. Every idea has a low chance until its funded and then it has a high chance.

                  So, that's the quick status update. Thanks to Grimlar and others for marking spam messages as well, I appreciate it.

                  We'll keep you updated when we have some announcements and news to share. Thanks for letting us know that a DG remaster would be interesting to you!