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Defense Grid: Containment for 360 (or PS4)?

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  • Defense Grid: Containment for 360 (or PS4)?

    Hi Team,

    I recently rediscovered Defense Grid 1 and 2. Sunk 500 hours into the first game on Steam alone (plus hours more on 360) and just finished the story DG2 on the PS4. I know I can get everything on the PC for these two games but I end up playing this with my wife and the whole family as we take turns and give advice to each other. So I always prefer the console version.

    I noticed Containment is not available on the console. Will this be released at some point? Or will a complete DG with all the DLC be released to PS4?

    Thanks for the great game.

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    I would love to see containment dlc but I remember Jeff saying no for the xbox due to no support to fix the achievement errors.