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How to post a screenshot using the steam servers as picture host

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  • How to post a screenshot using the steam servers as picture host

    Since this question came up in a different topic ill though ill make a little guide about how to share a screenshot using steam (with screenshots)

    1. Ingame Press F12 to take a steam screenshot

    2. Right mouse click on the game and choose "View screenshots"

    3. Choose to upload your image as public

    your screenshot is now hosted publicly on the steam servers (poeple can post comments on it also)

    4. you will be redirected to your profiles screenshots page, filtering on defense grid. your newly posted image should be visable as the top image like this
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    5. click on your image, it will open it in a bigger window
    6. Right mouse click on your image and choose "copy link adress"

    7. now paste that link adress between two url and img tags on the forum
     [ url= ] ][ img ] [ /img ][ /url ]
    the result should be this:
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      Thanks for putting this together, Quandora!


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        You could also host your image at
        It is free! Creating account is optional. It is totally Free, No ads, Secure with Unlimited Hotlinking.