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  • Awesome Game & Feature Request

    First I have to say - the VR edition is awesome! I of course loved DG1 and DG2 (kickstarter backer), so maybe that's not so surprising.

    What I wanted to ask was -- I like the interface a lot for DG2 VR, and especially the fact you can play easily with the Oculus remote. Is there any way we might get a '90 degree rotate' feature? (I believe DG2 had that, but I may be mistaken). This would help with some of the bigger maps.

    In all cases, great job Hidden Path! Thanks for letting me have fun playing again - it's amazing how much more awesome there is on the maps in VR!

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    The VR version is awesome indeed, especially as it is basically played with one button and thus is a very relaxing experience.

    My most important requests:
    * Add a resolution scale option, eg 80% to 135%. Stuff far away from the camera is very noisy and my GPU is not fully used up at 90fps. I play Eve Valkyrie at 135% which makes a huge difference.
    * The animations are updated at a much lower rate than the display (my guess is between 20 and 30fps). Perhaps add an option for this too?
    * As this is an 'enhanced' edition, I expected multiplayer to be in it without checking first. Currently it is more like a Defense Grid 2 Diminished VR Edition, DG2 -Feature +VR. I guess there is some work to do to make it interoperatable with the normal edition but the gameplay of the maps seems to be the same so it should be possible. Do you plan to add multiplayer in the future?


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      Yes, please add multiplayer and Level Editor/ Option for cutom made maps.
      I was little disappointed to see that is possibile for all versions, but not the VR one.