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Kaboom's Farewell Letter

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  • Kaboom's Farewell Letter

    Hello Crafters & Core Defenders!

    Iím not sure where to begin... Iím not the best with goodbyes. Today is my last day here at Hidden Path Entertainment. Life has brought forth new adventures and opportunities for me.

    Iíve learned so much while working at Hidden Path and getting to participate with this community, and Iím so grateful that you welcomed me with open arms. Remember that time when we built Moobot together in Windborne? Or when you guys rocked out to Christmas music with me on the Defense Grid stream? I certainly do - Iím going to cherish every last one of those moments!

    Thank you again for participating, not only with me, but also playing our games and supporting Hidden Path as a whole. I canít wait to see what Defense Grid and Windborne will become in the future. Itís been a pleasure getting to know every single one of you, and I hope to see you all again in this small word we call ďthe video game industry.Ē

    Keep your eyes open, you never know where Iíll pop up next. Cheers! And not to fret, the entire team here at Hidden Path is online and taking part in the community in my absence.

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    Sorry to see you go, but best wishes for the future in what ever you do next.