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Defense Grid 2 Overlay turn off option?

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  • Defense Grid 2 Overlay turn off option?

    Is there anyway to turn off the overlays during cinematic sequences as a campaign level is loading? Or, just turn off overlays completely. Overlays I mean the score, wave indicator, etc. This way I get to see all the great artwork without the game components interfering.

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    Well, by mashing keys, I found it. If you hit SHIFT+Home the overlay will turn off. Now, if you want the overlay to be off during the cinematic intro sequence for the level you have to trudge through this. When you turn off the overlay, even the menus will be invisible. If you turn on the menus to restart the mission you can't turn off the menus until after the cinematic is done. If you want to watch the cinematic intro to the level with no overlays then you have to first turn off the overlays and then restart the mission.

    Now, how to select restart mission if the menus are invisible. Well, a bit of memory.....

    You have to memorize the keypresses to restart a mission level.

    1. Turn off overlay
    2. Press ESC to bring up main menu
    3. Using arrow keys go down 1
    4. Hit Enter (the selection is on restart mission at this point)
    5. Hit Enter again (the selection is on the "are you sure" prompt and defaults to Yes

    Now the intro restarts with NO overlays. Boom, you got it. Now, go get Wallpaper engine on steam and look for Defense Grid 2 Wallpaper. You're welcome.