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    Hi. I am "new" to Defense Grid 2. I loved the first part (well, simply the best tower defense game ive ever played) and i would probably love this second part 2 if i didnt have such low fps problems.

    I mean, i can play more than fine the main campaign, sometimes it drops to 25-30 fps but its not something i cant handle.

    But i jumped into custom maps.. and its impossible to play. 10-15 fps no matter what i do, choppy gameplay and, conclusion, its not worthy to play in that state.

    My System is:

    core i5 3570 8gb RAM
    Gtx 650ti boost 2gb
    Windows 7 64 bits

    I have the latest version of the game (bought just a couple of weeks ago...).

    I should have more than enough specs to run this game more than fine. Hell, i can play all last-gen games without sweat most of em at 60fps. But for watever reason, DG2 cant.

    I dunno if the heat has something to do, but i already checked the core temp on my videocard and it doesnt exceed the trheshold point at any moment. And as i said, i dont have any problems in other videogames.

    I am a little dissapointed, since after beating the main campaing in 3 or 4 different modes im already tired of it, i just want to try different maps, the game is basically finished if i cant do that any advises/recommendations?? why is this game so poorly optimized? i mean, im not even going to start making some maps if im not going to play em properly. Sad.
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    I agree, you should be running at a fast framerate with that spec. Something else is likely happening on your computer. Send a DXDiag text output file to bugs-dg2 at hiddenpath dot com if you would and the team will take a look.



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      As I understand it HPE used their own graphics engine for DG2, not one of the more recognised engines, as such it perhaps hasnt recieved the same level of polish and testing as something thats been used/tested/optimised for dozens of games.

      I too have had problems with my graphics card running hotter than I would like while playing DG2, and I now use MSI Afterburner to control the fan speed on my graphics card. I believe it works with both Nvidia and AMD cards.

      in order to try and narrow down where the problem lies, I would also suggest setting the graphics to medium, (to reduce the number of particle effects,) and perhaps reducing the resolution, to reduce the amount of work the graphics card has to do. Some custom maps are bigger and have more aliens in comparison to the campaign maps, so it might also be worth trying a smaller custom map, maybe cubical moments pt 1 which is a very small, basic map, to see if it is mainly an issue for larger maps or all custom maps.

      Fingers crossed for you.