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Xbox live multiplayer not working?

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  • Xbox live multiplayer not working?


    I'm having a load of issues with the multiplayer on xbox live, mostly in the form of constant disconnections around 1 min after the start of a match. Anyone else having this issue?

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    I'm not even able to get into multiplayer at all, even directly joining a friend or having them join me does nothing but drop me back into the main menu.

    I found this thread from well over a year ago with the same kinds of problems:

    I've already contacted Xbox Support, who predictably pointed me back here to post anyway.

    TL;DR Xbox and Hidden Path know about this, neither end can fix it (apparently) so gamers are stuck with unreliable/broken multiplayer.


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      Yes. Our multiplayer passed all Xbox LIVE checks in certification and passed each test that Microsoft threw at it to their specifications, but many people still report that they can't connect or stay connected. When we communicate with the folks at Xbox LIVE, they tell us that "perhaps there is something they can do" - then they do something (we don't know what it is they do), and then for a week or two, it works for everyone and then later stops working for many people again after a couple of weeks. When we ask MS if they can make it work all the time, they say that "well, we didn't really do anything" which confuses us further. When we ask what we can do to the code to fix this, they don't have an answer for us and when we ask if there is anything we can do so that LIVE will maintain the connections, they tell us that there isn't anything we can do.

      We don't have these problems on the PS4 or Steam versions of the game and would love for the Xbox One version of the game to not have this problem, but the best we can tell is that it is an Xbox LIVE issue and not something we can fix or address. I suspect Microsoft would be more open to change if it affected everyone instead of a percentage of users, but that doesn't seem to be the case.



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        I'm having the same problems. Been trying to do multiplayer for the past week with no success. The other thread said that making sure one's home router had open NAT and port forwarding might help? Any confirmation on that?


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          Hope it is something like that - first we've heard of it.


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            We still have a lot issue with the multiplayer on Xbox one, it's now about 3 weeks that i'm trying everyday during 1hour, to play just one multiplayer session and disconnected each time after less than 1 minute!! I tried all the possibility and nothing working!! Could you please do something like an update just to unlock the 2 achievements blocked by the multi (Warning Shots & Winning Shots). Be able to unlock just by starting a multiplayer session of unlocked when you start the game, so no more people get blocked with those achievements? Regards


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              I get inconsistent multiplayer connections. Over 66% of the games I join they end do to one of us dropping. Even with friends. I have never been able to join a game by invite nor by inviting as well. The only other game on the Xbox One Live system that has similar problems is MTG Duels. It just has a problem finding players (started 9 months ago after a patch). Maybe there is something in common. I mean come on the packet data being sent isn't anything compared to C.O.D. and t runs fine with 12+ players let alone 2 in games as simple as TD's and cards. It's some kind of code error and I wouldn't doubt it's on Microsoft's part.