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Multiplayer on Xbox One not working at all

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  • Multiplayer on Xbox One not working at all

    I was posting in this topic Defense Grid 2 Broken on Xbox One, because I am having the EXACT same issues with the game; but didn't get any response. So here I am opening my own thread, hoping to get some feedback from you guys.

    Wanting to play coop with a friend is not working at all! Most of the time neither of us can join the other, and when it rarely works we get disconnected after 10 seconds in the game.

    We can play fine other games together, so the issue is with Defense Grid 2!

    So, whats up with this?

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    Hi Gene,

    In the latter part of November and the first week of December, no one on Xbox Live could play multiplayer on Defense Grid 2 for some reason that was unknown to us. We reached out to Microsoft asked them why, they looked into it, didn't believe they changed anything, but suddenly as they were looking into it last week all of their tests went from "can't connect" to "connecting fine." We think Microsoft updated some game setting for Defense Grid 2.

    Can you try again? We're not sure what Microsoft has done, but there hasn't been a game update on Xbox One since the first week of November and that passed all Microsoft's tests and worked in all mutliplayer modes on LIVE at that time.



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      Thanks for your reply. Indeed, haven't tried it last week; only before that.
      Going to give it another shoot and let you know how it went.


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        Originally posted by Gene View Post
        Thanks for your reply. Indeed, haven't tried it last week; only before that.
        Going to give it another shoot and let you know how it went.
        Gene, if your up for it add me on XBL (Motordom), and try getting into a game, as I've only tried with one person so far, so might help to try with different people


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          So, tried it today again. It actually worked, but ONLY when I was hosting. When my coop-partner tried to, it always disconnected us after 10 seconds into the game.
          As it doesn't matter for us who is hosting, that is good enough for us. But weird it is.

          So Motordom, is it working for you by now, too?


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            Ok, last time we were trying, it was working when I was hosting (see above).
            This time it wasn't that constant; it was worse.
            Only about every tenth try was successful. The nine other tries consisted of us not beeing able to connect at all, connecting followed after immediate freeze, connecting, playing and freeze, or freeze and landing back in the menu after seconds or minutes playing. One time the game crashing even killed being able to chat through Xbox One's party. And between each try we have to restart the game.
            That is some fucked up shit. And there is something fucked up going on with your game, as we can play fine other games.
            So what's up with this? Are you looking into that? Can we expect a patch, that makes the game constantly playable?


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              Hi Gene,

              What we learned from the latest round of talking with Xbox is that there isn't anything we can do on the game side. In their test environment, everything works perfectly fine with matchmaking, parties and invites. There isn't anything for us to "fix."

              But, in the retail LIVE environment, sometimes the game performs without problem and sometimes no one can matchmake at all. We did some tests with Microsoft and for two days, no matchmaking took place, and then suddenly, all matchmaking worked for the next few days with no interruptions. We asked them what they changed and they said "nothing, but they'd look into it more as they had some suspicions of what might be the problem."

              We're waiting along with you to hear what those issues might be. If it turns out that it is on the game, we'll investigate, but right now, all signs point to something to do with the way LIVE is hosting DG2.



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                Thanks for your reply, although not very satisfying.
                Guess we have to wait what Microsoft finds out.
                Keep us posted when you hear something.


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                  I'm really disappointed. My buddy and I instantly bought this game in the last sale and were very excited to play this in coop-mode. We got the exact same problem as OP. Invites for games/parties dont even reach the other player most of the time. If we get in a game, it kicks us both after 10 seconds.

                  The coop is literally unplayable for us.

                  I've read these threads and have to say, i really dont care if this is not "your fault" - this is your game and it should be your responsiblity to fix this or at least be sure it gets fixed by Microsoft. But it now has been 5 months and you guys seem like you dont want this to be fixed. What the hell is happening?

                  What should I do now? We've tried everything and it just wont work. You sell a product and advertise that it got coop - but it wont work. Im feeling really screwed by you.


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                    Another customer in the same boat as the guy above.

                    I bought this game for some good couch co op and we are having no luck getting it to work.


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                      Two different issues I think.

                      1. Couch co-op - it's there for you - sorry that you're not immediately finding it. Choose any single player mission and then activate the second controller while in the mission settings UI - that mission will be a couch co-op mission if both controllers are active. Let me know if that doesn't work for you for some reason.

                      2. Xbox LIVE support. As you know, we don't have any multiplayer issues on Steam or PS4, and in our test environment that Xbox provides we see no issues. We have had users complain before, and early on we could duplicate those problems ourselves at HPE and we turned to Microsoft and said "hey, what's going on?" and the answer we received was "check now" and then it was working again. Basically that means whatever problem is periodically happening, is out of our hands. We're talking to the system and were checked out by Microsoft to make sure we followed their rules and we did.

                      Now, every so often, people tell us what you're telling us - I can't connect with my friend on Xbox LIVE. There are of course multiple ways to try - friend invite, create a party in the dash, use the game's matchmaking, etc. and in our experience either all were working or none were working. Since 2015 started, whenever we hear from folks, we try it ourselves and haven't again seen a problem, and we've contacted Microsoft and they've told us they don't see a problem any more. So, if YOU are still seeing a problem, it is likely that Microsoft doesn't know about it and they're likely the only ones who can check into it (as the issue seems to be outside the game and in Xbox LIVE). So, tell Microsoft if you can't connect, and hopefully that message will get to the right people and they can check the issues that they believe they have fixed but aren't sharing with us.

                      Hope that helps you out. That's the info that we have here.



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                        Thanks Jeff. I'll try that and let you know. For my purposes all I'm interested in is playing couch co op.


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                          I played all weekend and thought people where just rage quitting on me every other game. Until last night I got 2 messages, 1 was quite childish "Don't play if your just gona bail and waste peoples time. Sorry if I'm better than you" Which I found pretty funny since I was winning at the time of disconnect. The other simply asked if I was quitting or the game was kicking us both.

                          I'm beginning to think it's a NAT/forwarded ports issue since I can play with my buddy 4k miles away for hours with no disconnect(both have open NAT and ports forwarded). I have also played with randoms this weekend and a few of them we were able to play 4-10 games in a row never disconnecting. While others we both get booted 5 seconds to 10 mins and everywhere in between.

                          Now I know there have been a few weeks where no one could join anything but that does not seem to be the case here.

                          So are everyone's NATs open and ports forwarded?